We’ve been talking about business analytics for 20 years – so why the emphasis now? To get at that question and look at how BI 4.0 fits into the picture, Jon sat down with Adam Binnie, EVP and GM, BI, with SAP.  Binnie talks about the impact of real-time, the impact of mobility on BI, and what customers have to overcome to take full advantage of data too often stuck in systems of record.  Binnie also fields the question of what SAP is going to do about Flash given the importance of Dashboards and the Apple iOS – a topic that picked up relevance the day after this shoot, when Adobe announced plans to stop investing in Flash for mobile browsing in favor of HTML5.

Show Notes

0:00 Why is analytics a crucial issue for customers now?

2:20 What are the challenges for customers to overcome to take advantage of BI tools?

4:00 Will BI 4.0 help customers address their BI and mobile issues?

5:55 Dashboards – What is SAP going to do about Flash?

7:20 What is Adam looking forward to this week?