You might expect some customers would move to SAP CRM for better back end integration, but for overall usability? For this interesting customer story, Dennis sat down with Daren Carpenter of e2v to get the skinny on why they moved to SAP CRM and what the benefits were.

During the convo, Carpenter explains the strides SAP CRM has made and how back end integration (including BW) has led to a “360 degree view of the customer”, including better predictive forecasting. He also warns about the perils of over-customization and the dangers of bogging down salespeople with functionality they don’t need.

Show Notes

0:00 Why e2v moved from to SAP CRM

1:17 The perils of over-customization

1:58 Darin’s backround and challenge at e2v: business process strategy using SAP software

2:55 How stacks up against SAP in terms of usability and back end integration

3:55 The strides SAP CRM has made with look and feel and overall functionality

4:46 What’s in the future for e2v and SAP CRM

5:40 Results: “360 degree view of the customer” and, yes, even spreadsheet use reductions