For the “influencer wrap” to SAPPHIRE Now Day 1, Jon and Den put John Appleby on the couch for a quick day 1 wrap prior to their meeting with Vishal Sikka. The guys assessed Jim Snabe’s keynote and riffed on SAP’s overall commitment to mobility and on-demand. Note: this video is rated PG-13.

Show Notes

1:00 John Appleby’s Jim Snabe keynote impressions – HANA, mobility, cloud.

1:55 Jon’s “grouchier” take. Questions about on-demand commitment and challenges of building an apps developer ecosystem.

2:50 Dennis: came into show with low expectations  – how did the show rate so far? Mobile development too tied to SUP – SAP needs to open things up.

3:38 Dennis to John Appleby : Where does John think SAP stands on mobile and SUP licensing?

4:17 Jon on Gateway – impressed by the quick journey to cool UIs with Gateway he and Dennis saw on the Train Race journey, but what about the developer access and barriers to entry?

5:30 John to Dennis: Is SAP’s lower emphasis onthe cloud and the departure of John Wookey related? Further discussion on SAP’s commitment to on-demand ensues. Before the video wraps, the  guys also touch on the need for the Line of Business SDK (coming in the spring, and SAP’s decision to move ByDesign off Silverlight to HTML5.