Delving into analytics and HANA, Jon talks with  Steve Lucas, EVP of Business Analytics and Technology, SAP, about where we stand with BI 4.0 and what Lucas is taking away from SAP TechEd Vegas.

Once more and for all time, Lucas gives the reasons behind the delayed BI 4.0. Then the guys move into a HANA discussion where Jon asks Steve to provide some practical use cases of HANA in action now.  Steve also talks about what we can expect from HANA in the future in terms of BW on HANA and out-of-the-box apps.  Jon gives Steve a chance to set bloggers and analysts straight to close out the interview.

Show Notes

:17 –  Steve’s TechEd takeaways

1:06 – BI 4.0 launch once more, with feeling: what happened?

2:11 – SAP – BI 4.0 integration

2:42 – Why doesn’t SAP do more with Sybase IQ?

4:29 – Beyond the HANA hype – what’s the value now?

5:52 – Will HANA be more out of the box in the future?

6:57 – HANA customer stories

8:32 – What are the bloggers/analysts getting wrong on HANA?