We didn’t hear as much about cloud at SAP TechEd Vegas as we did HANA or even mobility. To help correct that, Jon talks with Jeff Stiles, SVP, SAP Solution Marketing about customer cloud needs and how SAP’s current cloud offerings match up.

During the talk, Jeff talks about where SAP’s cloud offerings are at for both large enterprises and SMEs, and what SAP needs to do better in terms of articulating its cloud offerings. Jeff also gives his take on SAP’s on-demand development platform, which we expect to hear a lot more about at SAPPHIRE Now Madrid. The guys also discuss what SAP needs to deliver in terms of an enterprise class apps store.

Show Notes

:25 – Jeff”s current role and what customers are saying about “cloud”

2:50 – Does SAP have the solutions to address customers’ cloud needs?

4:15 – Making sense of SAP’s on-demand platform

5:40 – “If you’re going to build apps, you have to have a store.”

7:22 – Jeff’s TechEd highlight