Mobility was a common theme amongst SAP technical managers at TechEd, but only a small number of them have hands-on experience with the Sybase Unwired Platform (2.0). Novus is one of them. For this mobility case study video, Dave Ploch, Director of Emerging Technologies at Novus, shares why mobility has been a key issue for Novus and what the drivers are behind their mobility initiatives.

Ploch talks about what he learned from other SUP customers on the Sybase Customer Advisory Board and why they need SAP to have some “skin in the game”  for these early stage mobility projects to be successful. Managing the expectations of business users who are eager to move beyond BEx and onto iPads is also touched on. With Afaria and cloud-based SUP installs in progress, Ploch returns from TechEd with plenty to discuss.

Show Notes

:17 – What were Dave’s goals for TechEd Vegas?

0:47 – New devices like iPads putting pressure on IT from business side

2:02 – 4 mobility use cases

3:02 – What did Dave learn about mobile at TechEd?

3:43 – Novus’ next steps on mobility after TechEd

4:31 – How ready is SAP to fulfill these use cases and what else is needed?

5:39 – What about other customers’ views?

6:25 – Novis’ mobility lessons so far

7:27 One highlight: hands-on fun with Gateway