There’s a handful of partners that are heavily involved in HANA projects, and  Hewlett Packard is one of them. For this JD-OD video shoot, Jon talks to Eric Lillestolen, Solution Manager for SAP BI Appliances at HP, about HP’s role in the HANA marketplace and what questions customers are asking about HANA.

Lillestolen shares what he learned talking HANA on the show floor, and provides two customer examples of the practical uses of HANA today – including HP’s own internal usage. The guys also talk about what value a firm like HP can add given that hardware is not the key differentiator when it comes to HANA installs. The question of HANA pricing is also covered.

Show Notes

0:33 – What are SAP customers asking HP about HANA on the show floor.

1:08 – What’s the first step for a customer interested in HANA?

1:59 – What are the practical HANA use cases now?

4:36 – HP’s HANA value proposition: “the sales pitch”

7:12 – HANA pricing talk

8:01 – Will trying HANA on for size get easier?