For this memorable JD-OD interview shoot, Dennis Howlett and Australian SAP Mentor Graham Robbo discuss some TechEd takeaways before diving into the topic du jour: the problems with SAP’s developer infrastructure pricing in the age of apps.

Using his own work as a use case, Graham explains why SAP’s charge-for-the-infrastructure pricing models acts as a disincentive for developers to build needed apps on SAP platforms. Graham makes his case for why a shared reward/risk model is superior to the “charge for SUP and Gateway” models that are often prohibitive to the SAP developer.

Show Notes

:23 – Graham is hardcore: Friday morning Thomas Jung session still to go…

0:37 – TechEd reactions

1:31 – This year’s takeaways

2:35 – Why many companies still lack foundational SAP tech know-how

3:00 – SAP: stuck in old licensing models?

4:49 – Graham’s argument for sharing apps revenue. but giving away the infrastructure

5:33 – How Gateway fits into the picture

6:44 –  Shared risk/reward beats upfront license costs