After his TechEd Las Vegas keynote, SAP Executive Board Member Vishal Sikka talked with a small group of bloggers and then reflected with Jon on video about the keynote. Since the keynote itself focused more on HANA, the interview began with more detail on SAP’s mobility strategy.

Sikka also touches on the significance of the first productive HANA customer featured on video, as well as the anticipation of the “BW on HANA” release coming later this year. Sikka also responds to the criticism from the press that there was “no news” at this year’s TechEd.

Show Notes

0:24 – SAP’s message around mobility

1:19 – How will SAP build a thriving developer community around mobile?

3:29 – Balancing quality of apps with easy developer access

4:42 – Where we stand on HANA

7:06 – Is the criticism of “no news at TechEd” valid?