Is the SAP Community Network a source of competitive advantage for SAP? Is it fair to apply ROI metrics to communities? And how do you get business users to actively participate on vendor communities like SCN? To get to the bottom of the community side of SAP’s social strategy, Jon Reed talked shop with Mark Yolton, SVP, SAP Community Network.

During this live TechEd Las Vegas interview, Mark also explains why he believes the “contextual social” and “community social” trends are converging, and why SAP is moving beyond counting sign-in volume as a way of measuring engagement. Although they don’t discuss the Jive migration specifically, the talk about engaging business users is fundamental to the reasons for SAP’s upcoming Jive platform migration for SCN.

Show Notes

:24 – Is the SAP Community Network a competitive advantage for SAP?

2:42 – Engagement is moving beyond sign up stats

4:40 – Why don’t more business users get involved in communities like SCN?

6:11 – Is it fair to place ROI expectations on communities?