Bleary and well-travelled, Jon and Den roused themselves for one final JD-OD video shoot – their SAP TechEd wrap.  During the talk, the guys explain their thinking behind  “too much HANA” and “not enough mobility”. They weigh in on the TechEd press complaint of lack of news, and why, paradoxically, this was a good thing.  The hidden news story of TechEd is revealed, and general conference views are shared.  SAP’s struggle to engage individual developers and build a thriving apps community is also hashed out.

Dennis can’t quell his satisfaction with catching Jon in a classic awkward moment during the “TechEd in one word” video shoot. Finally, props are given to Mike Prosceno and Stacey Fish of SAP blogger relations for making the JD-OD video set happen and lining us up with plenty of customers to talk shop with (more videos coming!). Onward to Madrid…

Show Notes

:43 – Show reactions: too much HANA, not enough mobility

1:47 – Where were the HANA apps?

2:18 – The “no news is good news” paradox

3:11 – Reviewing the show as a whole

3:57 – The hidden new s story of TechEd Vegas

5:47 – Can SAP build a true developer ecosystem?

8:21 – Fallout from Dennis’ “TechEd in one word” video

9:08 – JD-OD’s first conference video set and the people that made it possible

10:20 – On to TechEd Madrid!

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