With 50,000 users, Kimberly-Clark is not what you would call a small SAP shop. In this live TechEd Las Vegas video, Jon talks with Eric Leicht, Senior BI Technical Analyst at Kimberly-Clark, about why he came to TechEd and what he got out of it for his team. During the video, Eric shares why Kimberly-Clark sees a use case for both BusinessObjects and HANA, and what information he still needs from SAP and its partners about HANA in order to consider moving forward.

Eric also talks specifically about how HANA might provide value to current BWA (Business Warehouse Accelerator) customers. A central theme of the discussion: how the era of user-friendly interfaces is pushing SAP users beyond BEx and traditional BW reporting.

Show Notes

:27 – Why Eric came to TechEd

:59 – The world beyond BEx (BW) reporting

2:13 – Eric’s hands-on TechEd experiences, including HANA

3:26 – Is there a use case for HANA amongst BWA customers?

4:50 – How HANA might help Kimberly Clark’s business users do their jobs better

5:51 – What is needed now from SAP to get serious about HANA

7:07 – What Eric will bring back to his team