Interest in the Business ByDesign SDK is intense, but public information is scarce. To help rectify that, Jon Reed conducted a JD-OD Skype interview with Vijayan Venkataraman of ERP Logic. Based out of Bangalore, Vijayan is an expert in the ByDesign SDK who has more experience in the SDK than most people in the world. (He got his first exposure while helping to develop the SDK while working with SAP Labs).

In addition to the 12 minute JD-OD video, there is a longer audio interview which runs 20 minutes that can be heard on the player below, and will also go to the JD-OD iTunes feed.


:50 Vijayan’s current role at ERP Logic.

1:30 How Vijayan got started with the ByDesign SDK.

2:30 What are the key skills needed to succeed with the scripting language? How much ABAP experience, if any, is needed?

3:05 How helpful is a Microsoft development background?

3:50 What are the SDK capabilities as of ByD 3.0?

5:30 What improvements to the scripting language are needed?

6:20 What kinds of apps would be most appropriate for partners to work on building right now?

7:20 Is a one-off solution worthwhile for ByD partners?

9:00 Is the SDK robust enough for an industry solution?

9:30 What SDK features is Vijayan looking ahead to in future releases?

10:30 Why pulling in web services can be valuable to developers

Here is the longer audio version: