In the run up to SAP TechEd, there is much chatter about SAP’s mobile strategy. Last week, Jon got John Appleby and Kevin Benedict in a three way call that explored the many SAP options and issues that are seen in the market. In this special show, Jon and Den go one step further, concentrating on the business model and developer issues that impact many of the vendors. It is a long show so if you’re only interested in the mobility stuff then the first 15 minutes should be sufficient.

Later, we talk about SAP Business ByDesign v3 which went into GA on time…w00t!! We could not resist the opportunity to inject a wee promo on our upcoming activities at TechEd. As is becoming customary, Den spends the last few minutes ripping someone a new one, encouraged by Jon. On this occasion, Jamie Oswald is the unfortunate victim because of this blog post and towards the end Den goes off on a rant about smart CFOs.

This was quite a complex show so we’ve included copious show notes:

00:57 – Jon’s NorthPole location

01:36 – The big deal over the SAP AppStore

05:19 – What about pricing and the SUP platform?

07:17 – Core apps as commodity and mobile a value add

08:24 – SAP’s SUP progress

08:57 – Is SAP thinking about the developer challenge?

10:11 – LOB and IT conflict

10:39 – SME responses and ‘free’ as a model

11:55 – Design thinking in mobile

13:27 – The shifting challenges that SAP faces

14:24 – Developers, developers, developers

15:00 – SAP Sales OnDemand – review

17:27 – Is SAP serious about LOB apps?

19:02 – What about LOB pricing?

21:10 – JD-OD TechEd promo

22:59 – Business ByDesign 3.0 hits GA mark

25:40 – Jamie Oswald gets torn a new one

27:34 – CFOs get the need for understanding the business

29:42 – Closing out

As always, there is an audio version that can be accessed  here: