Earlier in the week, Jon recorded a three way Skype call with John Appleby and Kevin Benedict, two of the heavy hitters in the mobile space, talking about what SAP is up to. The whole show runs 38 minutes and we just know none of our peeps will sit through that amount of video. So…Den has started chopping it up into bite sized pieces. But don’t worry – those who can’t wait for coming instalments can see the whole thing here.

In this first piece, Jon, John and Kevin talk about the current landscape.

0:31 – Is it ready for prime time

1:48 – The IT and line of business divide…IT is challenged

3:15 – 14 potential use cases in one customer

4:22 – Are customers confused?

5:57 – It’s the Sybase Unwired Platform middleware confusion – or is it?

8:16 – Problems in the ISV network – how to monetize?

12:01 – Is there an app store?

Here is the audio for the full piece

Bonus – we’ve prefaced this video with our TechEd special intro