In the special “diner edition” of JD-OD, where Dennis gets a piping hot meal of high caliber served to him during the shoot, Jon and Den start out talking Workday and eventually wind down with some fun banter at the expense of a recent Tweet controversy sparked by SAP Mentor and SAP Dashboards expert Mico Yuk.

In between, the guys talk about how “SAP_Jarret’s” Workday post caused a bit of a ruckus and what Dennis has learned from his recent Workday deep dives. Next up is Google Plus, with both guys weighing in on their overall good experiences in the early days of G+. They riff on why Google Plus has caught on with Influencers and what the killer features are.

Next on the chopping block is SAP social media, with Jon reporting back on a productive (private) SAP Mentor webinar where SAP initiated a dialogue with the Mentors on their current social media strategy. Jon argues that vendors are making a key mistake with their social “strategies” and the two discuss the pros and cons of SAP’s current approach.  Then it’s on to a good-natured dissection of the “BI 4.0 Dashboards Tweet Controversy.” By then, Dennis’ meal is done and the show is a wrap.

Show Notes:

1:28 – Dennis is getting knee deep into the Workday weeds

3:30 –  “Does Jarret have a death wish?”

6:55 – What does Dennis think of Workday’s financials? Is it going to be on par with what they’ve done in HR?

9:40 – Innovation isn’t about tech, it’s about solving business problems

11:49 – Workday’s biggest challenge in the next calendar year

14:10 –  Google Plus – Why it’s caught on with “influencers” a

17:50 –  The best Google Plus features

20:00 –  Breaking down SAP’s social media strategy

23:00 – SAP’s social media strengths + a bit on the Jive migration

27:00 – The perils of tangling with Mico Yuk on Twitter

30:50 –  “No doesn’t mean no” – there’s always a creative response

31:30 – Thomas Wailgum and his TechEd golf costume plans + Jon as the Green Lantern?