For JD-OD show #5, Dennis bares his new teeth and evil grin before the guys get down to nitty gritty with Dennis’ UK forays where he filmed cloud customer stories. Jon quizzes Dennis on the lessons learned from cloud ERP (NetSuite) customer Mimecast and why the large enterprise customers (and vendors) should be taking note.

The second half of show #5 is a freewheeling bashing/analysis of Enterprise 2.0 and the “social customer”, inspired by Jon’s recent trip to the E 2.0 show in Boston and his JD-OD video with E 2.0 keynote speaker Sameer Pattel, as well as his attendance of an evening session with social CRM luminary Paul Greenberg. More nuance on Greenberg’s view of the “social customer” can be found in his E 2.0 event replay.

Show Notes:

1:05 Dennis’ adventures in the UK speaking with cloud customers.

2:00 The Mimecast interview and their cloud ERP results

4:25 It’s not a technology “wankfest” – it’s about the business.

5:35 How cloud vendors are addressing integration needs

6:55 How will cloud ERP impact the large enterprise?

8:50 Do incumbent vendors in the large enterprise space have a chance against pure SaaS competition?

10:55 Cloud – not just hype?

13:40 “JonERP” crashes the E 2.0 show

15:05 Activity feeds – the next hype cycle

18:00 How powerful is the “social customer” – really?

16:20 Jon’s quest for E 2.0 customer case studies

17:05 Social CRM – Paul Greenberg style

20:10 More riffing on the myths of the “social customer”

21:35 We vote with our wallets – but mostly for gadgets, not principles