While in London, Den filmed Peter Campbell,CFO of Mimecast, a company that grew from 14 to 250 people with only one IT person supporting their entire NetSuite implementation. The lesson from the story? The new raft of SaaS apps deliver real value both at the TCO and ROI levels at both local and global levels without compromising local requirements.

Show Notes:

0:18 – “It seems like we’ve had it forever” – the story of how Mimecast decided to take on NetSuite

1:57 – “We did it all ourselves”

4:09 – Customizations – you don’t have to but we did

5:06 – You need to be aware of what you can do

5:48 – 1 person doing the job of 4-5 others

10:11 – Data protection and other compliance

11:45 – What of the future?

For those that prefer audio, here’s the podcast version: