One of the interesting things about the Business ByDesign ecosystem is the number of firms that wear two hats – customer and partner (implementer). Such is the case for TRIAS (hq Germany). CEO Oliver Quirmbach made the trip to Sapphire Now Orlando and sat down with Jon Reed to share some lessons from the TRIAS ByDesign experience.

During the conversation, Quirmbach explains why TRIAS became an early ByDesign customer and why he expects cloud ERP to have an impact beyond SME. Quirmbach also talks about what TRIAS looks for in ByD consultants and why the business side of ByD is more important than the technical side for both customer and implementer.  Learnings from TRIAS’ 15 ByD implementations are also shared.

Show Notes:

0:00 TRIAS’ experience at Sapphire Now

0:45 History with ByDesign

1:35 “It’s Easy to Implement Cloud Solutions”

2:30 Does implementing ByDesign require different skills?

3:40 Building a mix of new and upskilled ByD consultants

4:39 What new features are in ByD 2.6?

5:22 Lessons learned from 15 ByD live customers

7:45 TRIAS” plans for future ByD growth