Sina Moatamed is the first SAP Mentor who has hands-on experience working on Business ByDesign. At Sapphire Now 2011, Sina and Jon grabbed an empty room at the Hilton to talk about the impact of SaaS ERP and the cultural changes invoked by an SME that implements ByD.

Jon has done a podcast with Sina previously, but this is the first time they have discussed the cultural impact of SaaS ERP in detail. During the conversation, Sina also talks about why SaaS ERP is moving up-market, and how the role of IT shifts during a transition to SaaS ERP.

Show Notes:

0:00 Sina’s hands-on ByD experience as a ByD CIO

1:30 SaaS ERP – moving up market?

3:30 “It’s not my IT guy procuring a service, it’s my lawyer”

5:10 The cultural changes invoked by ByD and SaaS ERP

8:20 How do you stay nimble while enforcing use of one ERP software package?

10:55 Sina’s advice to ByD customers