During Sapphire Now 2011, Jon caught up with a familiar face, Eric Brown, CEO of Johnson Products. An early Business ByDesign customer, Johnson Products now has two years of experience running ByDesign.

The discussion starts with Brown’s reaction to his first Sapphire Now and the “wow” moment he had during the keynote. Brown talks about how he intends to use ByDesign as a driver for strategic growth rather than just a system of record. He also gives Jon his view on whether there is a need for a dedicated ByDesign community and user group.

Show Notes:

0:00 CEO Eric Brown’s first Sapphire Now

:55 How Johnson products started with ByDesign

2:10 “I want to be able to change the 90/10 rule”

4:00 Approaching ByD as a competitive advantage

5:10 The ByD user experience

7:05 ByD needs a user community

9:45 “It’s a learning curve for SAP”

10:05 ByD apps store – important to Johnson Products?

Bonus content: check out Jon’s original audio podcast with Eric Brown on ByDesign.