At Sapphire Now 2011, SAP left no question that HANA is at the center of their future applications strategy. Customer testimonials underscored the interest in HANA, but offstage, there were many questions.

To get to the bottom of these HANA issues, Jon Reed sat down with John Appleby and Vijay Vijayasankar on the last day of the conference.  They guys discussed pipeline versus reality, the viability of the 1.0 release, and whether HANA lives up to its “game changing” buzzwords.

Show Notes:

0:00 Conference reactions – “it’s been a crazy 3 days”

1:15 HANA – “Excellent use cases but no live productive customers.”

1:35 ByDesign stood out – for live productive customer stories

2:45 Emphasis on HANA – what were the takeaways?

4:10 Reconciling aggressive sales pipeline numbers with HANA’s early phases

5:25 HANA customer interest is strong

5:10 Focusing on big ticket HANA deals?

7:10 It’s not just about speed

8:50 Still plenty to prove

11:50 Will HANA 1.0 sell?

13:50 Buzzword alert: SAP now positioning HANA as “game changing”

14:20 “This is an inflection point”