In their last video shoot of the conference, Jon and Den pulled it together for one more take – this time a “Sapphire in Review” rehash that focused on SAP’s execution of the conference as a whole.

The “final wrap” focuses on the emergence of HANA as SAP’s central theme in terms of both innovation and reducing cost of ownership. Discussions of mobility business models and SAP’s on-demand plays round out the shoot – then a final conference verdict is issued.

Show Notes:

0:00 Sapphire Now takeways – putting customers front and center

1:20 2nd takeaway – HANA is front and center in SAP’s plans

3:15 Differences between messaging and reality

5:50 Den’s vision of the SAP app store model – how was it received?

7:20 Dilemma: how does SAP empower the individual developer?

9:45 On-Demand at Sapphire – ByD moving ahead, LOB a work in progress

11:50 Sapphire Now verdicts