On Thursday following Sapphire Now, Jon and Dennis commandeered a Hilton room for several Sapphire wrap shoots, including this fun ditty with Dick Hirsch of Siemens IT Solutions and Services, who tracks SAP “Edge On Demand” like no other, earning him “The Edge Guy” monicker.  Dick not only knows these edge tools, he has used most of them extensively.

In this “edgy banter,” Dick explains what he learned about the edge at Sapphire Now and why edge on demand is where the money is – if, as Dennis points out, the right PaaS/apps store model is adopted. Dick shares the latest on Gateway, River, and how HANA might fit into the SAP edge on-demand picture.

The most entertaining segment comes when Jon drops the word “StreamWork” and all heck breaks loose . A debate on StreamWork use cases and StreamWork versus  Sales OnDemand ensues.

Show Notes:

0:00 What Dick learned about SAP “Edge on Demand” at Sapphire

1:10 Edge apps – where the money will be made

2:30 How HANA fits into the edge picture

2:50 Core on demand = ABAP, Edge = Java. Too simplistic?

4:30 How Gateway fits in

5:50 Gateway isn’t enough – you need a platform

6:45 The controversial topic of StreamWork

7:45 Where’s the Streamwork case studies?

8:40 Streamwork feed vs Sales OnDemand feed – differences

10:37 StreamWork: it needs the context SAP is now adding

10:50 River – where do we stand?

12:05 Can SAP pull this off?