At the Blogger’s Corner video station at SAPPHIRE NOW 2011, Dennis Howlett sat down with blogger Vinnie Mirchandani,  author of The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound Technology Innovation, for an incisive conversation on “the new rules of innovation” that are disrupting the enterprise.

Vinnie’s research leads to startling conclusions: companies in every industry are innovating, but often, they are cutting out IT vendors (and their own IT departments!). Meanwhile, consumer tech vendors like Amazon and Google are creating better consumer experiences with relentless efficiency.

During this classic 20 minute exchange, Vinnie explains the challenges enterprise vendors are up against and why attracting the next generation of developers requires a whole different mindset (and revenue sharing percentage).

Show Notes:

0:00 New rules of innovation

2:53 Companies cutting IT vendors out of innovation loop

3:30 “IT has screwed up so many projects over the years”

3:56 Enterprise IT impacted by consumer tech trends

6:10 Consumer tech vendors – relentless on cost cutting

7:55 Enterprise tech looking “fat and happy” by comparison

9:00 “We are tired of incremental value”

10:00 Opportunities for enterprise tech

12:25 Shorter product cycles means new best practices

14:40 In SAP, upgrades take months. Cloud = upgrades seamless

16:15 Enterprise grade no longer better than consumer grade

17:50 Best thing for enterprise world – humility

18:55 Google Chrome biz model – 95% to developers

19:30 “It’s a great time to be a software developer”