SAP Mentors Vijay and Harald provide their perspectives on day 1 of SAPPHIRE Now. Donning their IBM and Deloitte hats respectively they provide valuable insights into where HANA is going plus thoughts on the unwired platform:

0:40 – Vijay is disapppointed – so is Harald

1:58 – Where are they up to on applications for HANA?

2:33 – Is there anything fundamentally new here?

3:50 — Partners will bring in the value

4:50 – New skillsets required

6:13 – Ramp up training behind the curve

6:48 – Watson still winning !!

7:17 – How do you make the mobile apps?

8:44 – Clarity needed about unwired platform pricing (note – dah off on a rant)

10:38 – Give SAP credit for what it has achieved