On the last day of SAPPHIRE NOW (Wednesday the 18th), Dennis Howlett sat down with John Appleby and Vijay Vijayasankar to hash out the SAP mobility takeaways and do a quick show wrap.

During the 13 minute video, the guys talk about the need for SAP to roll out an Apple-style apps store model, including – in their view – the need to give away the platform. SAP’s progress on mobility is assessed and that elusive question, “Is SAP Listening?” gets a post-SAPPHIRE airing.

Show Notes:

:00 Dennis loves mobility, how’s about John?

:25 Why John is feeling positive (finally) about SAP mobility

1:20 How many apps are SAP committed to?

2:00 Pitching alternative pricing model to Bill McDermott

3:00 Should SAP give the platform away?

4:10 SAP is hashing out mobile pricing models

4:35 Vijay’s take on the SAP mobile market

5:40 The challenge of mobile apps customization.

7:15 Address customization problems with template apps

8:00 People expect an apps store experience

9:10 Does SAP listen?

10:10 “Build the apps and they will come”

10:50 Support for partner apps – a challenge

12:05 More or less confident than last year?