‘R’ Ray Wang, CEO Constellation Research spent a few minutes with Dennis Howlett, discussing what they think is likely to be coming at SAPPHIRE Now 2011 and what they want to see.

In-memory technologies and HANA figure loud in that conversation but also the question of discovering innovation. SAP has a mass of innovation, most of which never sees the light of day. Will that change going forward?

In other news, rumors have been swirling that SAP will make a major announcement around Amazon. Cap Gemini has been running many development systems on Amazon so it will be interesting to hear what (if anything) they have to say.

Lastly, ‘sources close to events’ believe SAP will get much more directly involved with delivering solutions based around Twitter. We’ll see. As always with a company like SAP there is plenty of speculation.

Note that Ray talks about the upcoming Super Nova awards, November 2011. These are designed to showcase the best of innovation in the enterprise. (Disclosure: I will be a judge in the analytics category.)