Dennis had the opportunity to sit down with stilgherrian (yes – that’s his whole name) to discuss NetSuite’s market position in Australia. It provides fascinating insights into why this market might be good for the company, but also the challenges it faces.

Interestingly, uniquely in this territory, NetSuite is servicing very small businesses through JCurve Solutions. They were recognised as NetSuite’s top APAC reseller.

Although we don’t have accurate numbers, the best guesstimate is that NetSuite is doing something around $6 million in business in that country. That is calculated based upon number of deals done mentioned during NetSuite’s Hairball Awards.

Show notes:

0:00 – Who is @stilgherrian

1:10 – What is NetSuite telling us about its experience in Australia

1:14 – Fastest growing region in APAC – numbers? No – (but guesstimate could be $6 million pa – based on awards numbers revealed)

2:52 – Why is Australia a fast growing region?

4:33 – in Sydney

5:27 – NetSuite is a good fit for Australian companies

7:19 – Does data center location matter?

9:19 – What kind of shot does NetSuite have in the Australian market?

10:26 – Evan Goldberg doing South Park for the enterprise

12:14 – What issues will NetSuite face in the Australian market?

14:59 – Support issues?

Here is the audio version: