Fresh off a phone call with SAP’s Peter Lorenz and John Wookey on 4/21 (download mp3 here), Dennis and Jon discuss the implications of Wookey’s departure for SAP going forward. We intentionally held off on doing this show until after the SAP call. Our goal? Do better than the wild speculation we endured on Twitter the days after the Wookey news first broke. One major theme of the show: what SAP must do in the months to come – including at Sapphire Now – to keep their LOB on-demand strategy on track.

Show Notes:

1:21- Reprising the conversation with analysts

2:09 – Convinced by ‘family reasons?

3:19 – Succession plan in place?

5:15 – Challenges of making the right succession choice?

6:29 – The design thinking question

8:31 – WIll there be team leakage?

9:43 – Will SAP deliver on time?

10:38 – How do you manage the development?

12:21- Was it scripted?

14:10 – We keep coming back to the roadmap

15:30 – Will LOB/OD apps get the love they need?

16:42 – Much ado about nothing? No way!

18:52 – We’re done

Audio file to be added shortly