While at Microsoft’s Convergence event, Den met with Ray Wang, CEO Constellation Research to discuss his take on Microsoft’s positioning around Dynamics AX. Most of the conversation centers upon Microsoft’s readiness to take on the mid-market with AX2012 but we also touch upon the way Microsoft could control cloud adoption through its ability to become a platform play in key vertical markets. This is a topic Den discussed at his ZDNet blog where he said:

While the media laps up the chirruping coming from cloud players, none of them come close to Microsoft’s pervasiveness across as many industries as you’d like to mention. Microsoft only has to pick off a couple of dozen reasonable sized players in similar fashion and convince them of AX’s viability. If it is successful then Microsoft becomes the stealth competitor to SAP, Oracle, Infor and whatever Epicor/Activant becomes. In doing so through partnership, it solidifies its ERP credentials without having to employ a single sales person. It signals to the world a continuing investment that locks swathes of customers to any technology direction it chooses. That’s a smart business model. If it works.

Here is the audio version: