There is a certain poignancy about posting this video now. Jon and Den recorded this about 10 days ago but travel schedules and production issues got in the way of posting the content.

In this very SAPpy show, we discuss Den’s visit to Walldorf, focusing on the on-demand story and in particular the conversations Den had with Jim Hagemann Snabe, SAP Co-CEO and John Wookey who led the O-D development team. Since this was recorded we have heard that John has left the company about which more later.

Show notes:

0:00 – Intro

1:05 – Big ass ball

1:45: Snabe on 3rd party ISVs using ByDesign

4:41 – SAP gets second chances

6:30 – John Wookey’s challenges with on-demand

7:48 – The Sales On-Demand experience

10:05 – Social components adding value

11:38 – Is Sales On-Demand sufficiently functional?

13:03 – Pricing?

15:16 – No customisations, only configurations

18:47 – Social CRM?

23:16 – Quit while we’re ahead

Audio version: