Last week I met with Phil Wainewright who leads the UK EuroCloud organisation. We discussed a wide range of topics but what was top of mind for me is why vendors make such an apparently poor job of explaining the value proposition that ‘cloud’ delivers. This is what he had to say:

Show notes:

0:00 – introduction

1:03 – 50% ISVs

2:20 – What does value delivered to members mean?

3:08 – We want EuorCloud to be the phone number for Europe

4:07 – Working on certification

5:19 – Do we really want Brussels involved in cloud ‘policy?’

6:09 – Vendors need to be more proactive in explaining value

7:24 – Discovering the best of cloud

8:45 – How will I find the best players?

9:52 – We haven’t seen the full impact of cloud

For those who wish to take the audio only, here is the podcast version: