This week I spent several days with SAP at its Walldorf HQ. During that time, John Wookey, who heads SAP’s on-demand strategy explained what has been going on and how Sales OnDemand in particular came into being. The 18 min 53 sec video goes into a lot of detail about this topic. The core of this discussion occurs at around 6:27. Later, at around 12:34, John gets into how this will impact other line of business applications.

Here are the show notes:

0:00 – The background and Frictionless

3:51 – An opportunity to rethink

5:42 – Generational shifts

6:27 – Design thinking

9:23 – Process, people or both?

12:34 – How does deisgn thinking inform the new categories of application?

15:38 – Meeting the challenges of different functional entities

17:20 – A year’s time?

Here is the audio version: