Recently, Dennis Howlett tracked down Oliver Marks of Constellation Research for a Skype video session on the merits and pitfalls of social software. During the 13 minute discussion, Marks explains why “social” is near-useless without business context and warns of the dangers of “collaboration silos.”

Show notes
0:00 Why deriving business benefit from social software is no easy feat, and the perils of “social silos”.

1:50 Oliver’s advice to customers and why you don’t always need to collaborate.

3:55 Pros and cons of “vendor-neutral solutions” (Tempo, Tibbr), and why these new solutions will need to prove themselves at scale.

5:55 The proliferation of social solutions – the shakeout has begun. Common language of business rules = in. Buzzwords = out.

7:35 Dennis presses Oliver on timeframes for adoption. Key trend: mobile (executives on tablets, traveling workers). Problem: challenge of intellectual property protection (businesses don’t want a “Facebook-like” approach to sharing information). Email isn’t going away either.

10:34 Oliver’s book recommendations: Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge.

11:30 There is continued consulting demand to help companies sort out the sensible collaboration approaches from the empty ones.

Here is the downloadable audio version

Here is the line audio version: