At the recent Social CRM event in Madrid, JD-OD’s roving videographer Dennis Howlett caught up with CRM analysts Paul GreenBerg and Esteban Kolsky to put social CRM in the hot seat.  Dennis, no special  fan of “social anything”, almost chokes on the term “social customer” before diving headlong into 26 minutes of informative banter with Paul and Esteban.

Show notes

0:43 Edge case scalability?

2:41 Ubiquitous sociality?

4:08 Content, context, process

5:56 Do we have analysis tools to understand intent?

6:18 What skills are we missing to understand the data?

7:35 What are the requirements for SCRM?

10:03 The emotional context

13:03 Understanding the perception gap

16:26 Comparing SAP and Oracle

19:17 Irrational or emotional?

21:04 Extending to the social business

23:21 Are we at the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

Here is the downloadable audio version

Here is the line audio version: