At the recent SAP BI4 analyst day, Jon Reed recorded a video with Michael Gruber, director, partner alliances, global operations RIM. In it he sees different use cases for the PlayBook along with having a conversatoin about the different platforms PlayBook and SAP are jointly developing.

RIM has come in for some stick in recent times, principally because the PlayBook is not a device to which consolidated email or other data can be pushed without tethering to a BlackBerry. RIM responds by saying that:

The intention of the video is to highlight the functions businesses are particularly concerned about: ease of accessing secure corporate data on a tablet and the ability to multitask, which leads to higher work productivity.

We disagree with the criticisms levied. How many people carry both BlackBerry and iPad? On our travels we see many such combinations. Dennis does…along with an iPhone !! BlackBerry may not be the first choice these days among the fashionistas – Rainer Zinow, SAP’s On-Demand head of product strategy recently said the tide is shifting towards iPad development. If the PlayBook offers enough for corporate users then will the tide change again? It will all come down to the business applications and use cases that both SAP and RIM are developing. And then there are those rumors that RIM will add Android support to the PlayBook.

As they say so often in mobile these days: watch this space.

Time notes:

2min 6 sec: Xcelsius dashboard on PlayBook

3min 0sec: Interview process example using WiFi and VPN

3 min 31 sec: Air, WebWorks and the SAP Unwired Platform